Topps Fusion Futures Game Jersey

September 22, 2008

Going back a few years for this card.  This is one of the only pictures I’ve seen of Josh playing in the MLB Futures Game.  Held in conjunction with the All-Star game, it gives the future of MLB their moment in the spotlight.  At the time, I doubt anyone thought it would take so long for Hamilton to make his debut in the main event, but stuff happens.

The COA on the back of this card is suitably vague, but I am fairly certain this is a piece of the Futures Game jersey.  I suppose a little research would likely turn up a release from when the product was issued confirming the fact, but based on the material, and on what has appeared on other Hamilton jersey cards, I am guessing this was a one-off deal.  Also of note – these jerseys would have been heavy. Not at all like the thin material you usually see in basic jersey cards.  If its anything like hockey events of this ilk, Topps probably sponsored the event, and the players wore 3 or more different jerseys for a couple innings each.  No matter.  Its still a really cool addition to my collection.

A sign of things to come….

July 12, 2008

I went digging through my binder to find some cards to scan and share.  I was hoping for one with a ‘Future All Star’ designation, but I couldn’t quite find one.  I didn’t come up completely empty.  I found this 2001 Topps Stadium Club card, #183, with a note about his 2000 Future Games Appearance.  They play the Futures Game this time of year too, so it is close enough for me.

Does anyone know if he has any ‘Future All Star’ type cards?  I can’t think of any off the top of my heads, but it really seems like a late 90s – early 2000s card to make.

Two days until the All Star break, and the Home Run Derby.  As you may have guessed – I am kind of looking forward to it.