National Chicle Bazooka Back Jersey

August 28, 2010

Some of my Sportlots purchases are trickling in.  I love it when that happens.  I snagged a couple of jersey cards for myself in the last round of purchases.  This jersey card from National Chicle is actually the Bazooka Back version /99.  I don’t have the base version, so I don’t know if there are any differences on the front.  I kind of doubt it, because there really isn’t much t change on the front.

These cards are starting to grow on me. The dark cardboard that is visible around the jersey cutout really adds to the vintage feel.  The artwork is hit or miss.  This drawing of Hamilton is squarely in the middle.  Its instantly recognizable as Hamilton, but it doesn’t wow me.  Its a very generic pose.

I’ve got a bit of a baseball card itch back now.  Hamilton and the Rangers are looking like they might make a run this year, and its fun to follow.

The Legend of Josh Hamilton Continues

August 18, 2010

Tom Verducci is preaching to the choir when he tells me how great Josh Hamilton is, but in case you were wondering – here’s his story on

Its awesome.