iCardz: America at War / Band of Brothers – Jump Wings

This card is from the Band of Brothers subset of the America at War product.  A paratrooper earned his jump wings by matering four main areas:  physical fitness, parachute tower and landing techniques, packing their own chute, and actually jumping out of an airplane 5 times.  If they refused one jump, they were automatically dismissed from the Airborne.

What was their reward for all this?  An extra $50 / month in pay.

This entire set is fun to look through.  If you have read the book and seen the mini-series many of the cards will bring familiar scenes and people to mind.  This subset takes the collector to the end of D-Day in great detail.  Hopefully, by this being dubbed ‘Series 1’ there are follow ups which will cover the remainder of WW2 in similar detail.


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