iCardz America at War / Band of Brothers S1: Autographs

I first heard about iCardz Military History products from a post on Trader’s Crack, several months ago.  The post was about the D-Day card set, but when I started searching around the company’s site, I saw a lot of things I really liked.  I ordered a box of their America at War card set featuring a subset of cards commemorating Band of Brothers.  I have a lot to post about this set, but I guess like any product – the hits are the first thing that jumps out at you.

I preordered my box, and it gave me the option of selecting a bonus sketch card, promo set, or autographed card.  I chose the autographed card, and packed on the top of my box was a pack containing a signed card from Edward ‘Babe’ Heffron who served in the East Company.  The back of the card says that Heffron was actually exempt from military service due to his job in a shipbuilding plant, but he chose to enlist anyways.

The basic card design for the autographs is the same as the base card featuring the same person, but it features a light vertical strip along the right hand edge of the card, and the autographs are signed vertically in this space.

In total, there are 9 different autograph subjects in the set, and the cards are numbered with an ‘SP’ prefix.  In addition to Heffron, the other autograph subjects in the set are:  William Guarnere, Ed Tipper, Donald Malarkey, Forrest Guth, Clancy Lyall, Buck Compton, Buck Taylor and Earl McClung.

I can’t find it anywhere on their site right now, but I am sure I read somewhere that there should be one ‘hit’ in each box, which would be either an autograph or a sketch card.  In my case, I ended up with another autograph – this one featuring Lynn ‘Buck’ Compton.

These autographs are a pretty amazing addition to an already history rich product.  I’ll have more to post about the base cards and set later, but I wanted to get these autographs posted.

Is anyone else out there working with this set?

9 Responses to iCardz America at War / Band of Brothers S1: Autographs

  1. Paul says:

    Nice Cards! I’m thinking about ordering a box…I’m a big fan of the book and miniseries, and the cards look great. Did you get a whole set in your box?

  2. I thought about it, and was going to order a box, but got distracted and forgot…..

  3. Derek robertson says:

    I ordered the the set and just receieved it today. I got 2 autogrpahed cards (1 they sent me a few weeks ago because I ordered the set in November and shipping was delayed), the same as you , Babe Heffron & Buck Compton.

    I also got 2 “you may be winner” cards, but did not win anything.

    One thing that sucked was the sutogrpahed card was on top of the 1st pack I opened! So nothing after that in all the packs.

    Still a very cool set…they offer albums to put the cards in for sale as well

  4. Amanda says:

    How was the extra autographed cards packed? In extra eight card packs on top of the box? I just recived my box today (live in Europe, so everything takes a while), ordered in November too and there where two packs on top but I ordered two extra as gifts. Think they forgot something? And if so I’d be good to know if it was the generic extra packs or the autographed cards, because I don’t like my friends *that* much…

    They look great though.

    • The extra autograph card was in the same type of pack as the rest of the cards, but it was actually inside the box. It was obvious when compared to the other packs that it had less cards in it.

      Good luck!

  5. Nicnac says:

    seems the ‘early’ adopters got the ‘nice’ autos (Heffron, Compton).

    3 people I know (including myself) who ordered near the end of the free gift autograph period (now they only have sketches) got McLungs and Malarkeys

  6. Nicnac says:

    sorry to spam… forgot to add… those autos (Heffron, Malarkey, Guarnere are just not showing up on the market too much)

    Anyone here have any of these?

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