Five Pack Topps 206 Break

As I said yesterday, this product hasn’t really caught my attention, but I wanted to try some new baseball form the card show today, and this was the only product I hadn’t already tried.

In 5 packs, I ended up with 5 minis, and 5 copper coloured cards, that I think they are calling gold now.  No Hamiltons.

If anyone can tell me what exactly this Chase Utley is, I’d appreciate it.  I think it is the base SP Variation, but I am not sure.  The front is just a headshot of Utley.

I don’t need much help identifying this one.  Alex Rodriguez Old Mill Framed Relic.  These relics are 1:105 packs.  The only weird thing is is that the back of the card says it is a GU jersey, when I think it is pretty clear that this is actually a bat piece.


7 Responses to Five Pack Topps 206 Break

  1. GrandCards says:

    Spot on–that’s the Utley SP Variation–it has no number on the back and just includes his name in big ol’ letters. A bunch of the rookies have similar variations, except they just say “ROOKIE” on the back in those same large letters.

  2. Thanks, that’s what I figured, but I wasn’t sure.

  3. corymclark says:

    I’m confused with the “tracking info” at the very bottom of the Utley card. I just got a Santana Old Mill card that had similar tracking info, but I can’t find anything at about it. Any ideas?

  4. Arno says:

    I believe I have a gold/copper (what have you) Hamilton card from this set to trade, if interested.

  5. Jay says:

    Pulled a Hamilton G.U out of Topps Unique. You can check it at my page Trade straight across?

  6. Baseball card stuff says:

    What would you want for that rodriguez bat? I probably already know. E-mail me if hyou wnat ot work somethign out.

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