2009 Sweet Spot Ryan / Hamilton Dual Jersey

December 28, 2009

I picked this card up at a local show – I might have overpaid a little bit, but I didn’t have to wait and I didn’t have to pay shipping.  I dodged the bullet with 2009 Sweet Spot in that Josh Hamilton didn’t have too many autographs – UD really loaded up on jerseys for him.  This is one of my favourites.


December 23, 2009

There hasn’t been nearly as much Josh Hamilton news this off-season as there was last season, probably a result of the disappointing season he had on the field, and the fact that he isn’t the ‘hot new story’ now.  My card pickups have also slowed down a little bit in the leadup to Christmas, as they always do.  I also spent a significant portion of my ‘recreation’ budget on tickets to some World Junior Hockey games.

But, this too shall pass, and I will be back to picking up Hamilton cards in the new year.  I am finishing up my thesis, so I am also anticipating some free time in the new year.  Oh, 2010 you should be a wonderful year.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions of what I should do in Miami in the middle of February, hit me up.  I am heading to a conference there, and have a couple days on the tail end to kick around for a while.

Win a Josh Hamilton Autograph

December 17, 2009

Check it out, over at cardboardicons.

Five Pack Topps 206 Break

December 6, 2009

As I said yesterday, this product hasn’t really caught my attention, but I wanted to try some new baseball form the card show today, and this was the only product I hadn’t already tried.

In 5 packs, I ended up with 5 minis, and 5 copper coloured cards, that I think they are calling gold now.  No Hamiltons.

If anyone can tell me what exactly this Chase Utley is, I’d appreciate it.  I think it is the base SP Variation, but I am not sure.  The front is just a headshot of Utley.

I don’t need much help identifying this one.  Alex Rodriguez Old Mill Framed Relic.  These relics are 1:105 packs.  The only weird thing is is that the back of the card says it is a GU jersey, when I think it is pretty clear that this is actually a bat piece.

Card Show Tomorrow

December 5, 2009

There is a card show here tomorrow.  I am not sure how many Hamiltons and / or baseball cards I will find there, but I will keep an eye out.

I haven’t had a ton of new Hamilton cards incoming lately, which explains the lack of posting here.  Just in one of those stretches where nothing really appeals to me right now.  T206 hasn’t caught my fancy as much as I expected it would.  I might be in the minority because I really like the looks of Topps Unique – especially the Hamilton Devil Rays cards.  I know not everyone likes the flashback stuff, but Hamilton as a Devil Ray just looks good to me.