Some Cardboard Hamiltons

There was a surprise package in the mail today from Marie over at A Cardboard Problem.  We have traded in the past, but I wasn’t really expecting anything at the moment.  Here’s what I found inside:

Another one off my list of 20th Anniversary Cards.  I believe Hamilton has 12 cards in this set, and I think I have 3 of them.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Another parallel out of 2008 Upper Deck Heroes.  This is the red /249.  This set makes my eyes hurt.

That is Josh Hamilton staring out from the middle of this Emerging Stars Six Swatch jersey card.  Not just any Swix Swatch jersey card – one numbered /25.  🙂  Hamilton shares this card with Carl Crawford, Matt Kemp, Francisco Liriano, Carlos Zambrano and Josh Johnson.

This package was accompanied by a note informing me that the card were mine for future considerations, because I would enjoy the Hamilton more than she would.  Well, she was certainly right about that, and now I get to look for something to fit her collection.

Thanks for the Hamiltons, they are very happy here.


One Response to Some Cardboard Hamiltons

  1. Marie says:

    Glad you liked them. I had that red Heroes card for a while, I picked it up over the summer by Sooz’s house in a small shop. I’m bad with mailing things when I know there’s no rush. LOL.

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