2008 UD Heroes Autograph

I made my semi-regular (read:  when I remember about the site) trip to Checkout My Cards.com the other day, and just recently my cards arrived in the mail.  This site is growing, and I really hope it succeeds long enough for me to get my act together and send some cards in.  You may think this is pessimistic, but it might take me years to get things together.   I like having my cards with me.  I hope for a long and happy future with Checkout My Cards.

I picked up two cards this trip, and was pleased to notice that pricing for ‘hit’ cards is becoming a bit more reasonable (even without having to make offers).  I snagged an autograph and GU card for eBay like prices.  This is good to see, as eBay has changed a lot in the past little while.  I still use eBay for selling my hits (its hard to get the same exposure anywhere else), but this could be an option for those more generic autographs and jersey cards everyone seems to have boxes of.

Upper Deck Heroes had a lot of Josh Hamilton cards.  He had a bunch of base parallels (which I am diligently tracking down), and a similar number of autographed parallels (which I am much slower at picking up.)  I think this parallel is referred to as ‘Charcoal’, but I am not too sure.  I call it Auto /150.  Serial numbers are not up for guesses.


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