Hits From Another Goodwin Box

I love this stuff.

Autograph: Dave Scott

Memorabilia: Chris Young (this guy looks terrified in this picture) & Yogi Berra (my first vintage GU piece).

Base Set Variation: Ken Griffey, Jr night sky variation.

I have the usual assortment of base, minis and SPs.  I will probably be posting what I have for trade in a few days.  If you want to let me know what you are looking for, drop me a note and I can look.


2 Responses to Hits From Another Goodwin Box

  1. I am trying to track down a Carl Crawford base and regular mini, a James Shields regular mini and an Akinori auto… Don’t have much to trade at the moment, but throwing it out there…

  2. Robert Bovee says:

    I’d like to get the night verisons if I could. Here is my trade page from sportscardfun. Oh I follow your blog from the Mojo Hand blog. http://www.sportscardfun.com/trader/Robsplace.asp you can also email me at robby76@live.com

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