I couldn’t think up a beard pun

I tried for a while, but I just came up empty.  Beardy showed off his half of our trade a few days ago, and the mailman droppe my cards off today.  You know its good, because I actually scanned them the same day they showed up.  Let’s get on with the show.

Starting off small….

Get it?  Small?  It almost makes up for my lack of a beard pun.


From small we are moving directly into the shiny section.  Two refractors.  The Hidden Gold is some type of proof, and it is slightly oversized.  Oh, and it looks awesome.

After the shinies, there were some very nice looking cards, but someone went and scribbled all over them.  Luckily, that someone was Josh Hamilton.

Love, love, love this card.  Its so simple, yet so awesome.

Hamilton has a remarkably consistent autograph.

Even after his comeback in 2007, the autograph still looks pretty damn good.  Greg went out of his way to make this trade work, picking up these cards off eBay to fill holes on my wantlist.  I really wanted that bug, but circumstances were not in my favour, so I am happy with these cards.  It was an intense couple hours of negotiating, but we got it all worked out, and I think we both ended up happy.

4 Responses to I couldn’t think up a beard pun

  1. wickedortega says:

    hey i have a couple of hockey auto’s that i would love to trade…. ryan Miller,Scott gomez, and Marty Turco… let me know please… thanks!

  2. GrandCards says:

    Good for you on the trade! You ended up with one of my favorite Granderson cards, as well as some other nice stuff to boot!

  3. beardy says:

    Twas a pleasure trading with you.

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