New Additions

I have been a little bit busy with some various projects these days.  I have been working on some trades, and those are starting to roll in.  I haven’t been picking up a lot of Hamilton cards these days.  I am in one of those periodic lulls.  There just isn’t anything I want to spend my money on right now, so I am socking it away.  These things happen.  I can’t be ‘on’ all the time.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with the start of the NHL season, MLB playoffs, and my new hockey blog.  Check it out – Cards on Ice.  Its going to be strictly hockey.  This blog will likely move back to focusing exclusively on Josh Hamilton and baseball.

On to some recent pickups – one of the Stu Barnes (oops, there goes the baseball exclusive thing) Draw Your Own Cards I picked up for a contest over at Wax Heaven showed up. Help out a collector, by finding hockey cards and get a few for yourself.  Cool deal, and it was fun to go on a little bit of a scavenger hunt for someone else.

I also had time to make some pickups for myself.  Any time you can get a card that has less than 100 copies available, it is a good day.  I picked up this Upper Deck Heroes Sea Green parallel /99 in a trade on The Bench.  This colour works disturbingly well for the card.

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