Trading with the Troll

Today’s mail brought a nice little stack of Allen & Ginter cards that I needed for my set.  They came from a trade with everyone’s favorite troll – the Collective Troll!  I saw his post about the last sketch card he needed for his A& G set, and we quickly worked out a trade that helped us both out.  My side of the trade was A&G base cards, SPs and black bordered minis for the sets I am working on.

There was lots to choose from – but I scanned this Aaron Hill base card in honour of the epic season he is just wrapping up.

This is the first of a few blogger trades that I have hacked out in the past few days.  Including an epic trade that I am just getting ready to send out.  You’ll just have to wait for the details of that one, though.

Also, if any of you out there are hockey fans, or hockey card fans – check out my new hockey card blog, working in conjunction with Freedom Card Board – its called Cards on Ice.  🙂


2 Responses to Trading with the Troll

  1. Glad ya liked the cards… I love mine! I got them yesterday, posted them today and will move them into my binder tomorrow! I probably won’t be checking out your hockey blog, does that mean you won’t be posting here during the baseball offseason? Thanks again!

  2. No, no. I will still be here. I had been posting my hockey breaks and randomness on here, but I’ll be moving that over to my hockey blog.

    Hamilton updates, trades and all my baseball randomness will stay here. There might be a few lulls, but I’ll still be here.

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