Break Results: The Hamiltons

In addition to the (awesome) box of Goodwin I broke today, the shop had Ballpark Collection in.  I am a sucker to pull relics.  There is no better place to pull relics than Ballpark Collection.  I will give everyone a complete breakdown of Ballpark probably tomorrow, but I decided to show off the Hamilton cards that I ended up with out of today’s breaks.

First up, a Goodwin base card, and one of those awesome Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Collection cards.  This one actually is awesome, because it features Josh Hamilton.   All other hits aside – this is probably one of the most impressive Hamilton cards I could pull.  Sure – he has 10 different cards in the 20th Anniversary set, but there are 2500 total cards, spread out over how many different products this year?

I also hit a pretty cool Hamilton out of Ballpark.  Yes, relics are incredibly easy to pull from this product, but the checklist is incredibly varied, and it is awesome anytime you pull your guy.  Hamilton headlines (yes, headlines) this quad jersey card with Holliday, Markakis (these two get paired up a lot), and Chris Young.



2 Responses to Break Results: The Hamiltons

  1. beardy says:

    I went to the hobby shop after work today hoping for a pack/box of Ballpark for a rainy night, but they were closed… only they should have been open.

  2. That’s too bad. Nothing worse than counting on having something to open, and then getting skunked.

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