2009 Upper Deck Football: 3D Inserts

Since my shop didn’t have Goodwin in yet, I did a box of A&G (summarized earlier) and a box of 2009 Upper Deck Football.  I don’t collect a lot of football, but it does make for some amazing looking cards.  The photography in base Upper Deck products are amazing across the board, and it gives pretty good bang for your buck.  This box guaranteed 3 jerseys and an auograph per box, which I hit as well as 2 3D inserts, which had me intrigued.  Basically, they are a lot like the old school Sport Flicks cards.  I was happy with my luck on these – I pulled Adrian Peterson and Reggie Bush.  I am considering doing this set as well.  Some say I am insane.  Likely this will never materialize, but you never know.

My jerseys were fairly good – Mark Sanchez and Mohamed Massaquoi Rookie Jerseys, and an Eddie Royal for my veteran.  My autograph was Chris Long, which is cool, but it is a bit damaged (kind of scuffed) on the front.  Its really not worth sending back to UD though, so I will just suck it up.

One of the other features of base UD Football is rookie cards.  Lots and lots of rookie cards.  The product guarantees four per pack, and there are 16 packs in the box.  That works out to 64, but I had some packs which had a few extras.  Most of these guys have already been cut, or relegated to a practice roster, but there are some gems in there.

Bottom line – its a fun product to break.  I didn’t hit big, but I got exactly what I was supposed to, with perhaps a little better than average player selection.  A fun break, and the 3D cards are a cool idea.  Definitely worth checking out if you have a chance.  Maybe not anything to break by the case, but it is reliable if not spectacular.


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