Feedback on a Custom Cut

My last post was about some new products commemorating World War II, and the soldiers who fought in it.  After hearing about this product, I was somewhat inspired to go digging through my box of TTM autos, and try my hand at some custom cut autographs.

Several years ago, I wrote to many of the men whose stories were featured in the excellent HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers”.  I received many replies, and have a nice collection of signed index cards, which are among my most treasured.  Often they took the time to respond to my questions, and were unfailingly polite.  One note, which is a bit of a sad commentary on how this hobby sometimes goes – almost all of them explicitly asked me not to sell the autographs I received.  I have been more than happy to comply with this request.

I have been thinking that I would like to come up with some type of ‘set’ design, and display these cuts somehow.  In that vein, I am looking for feedback on the design below.  Obviously, not all my signatures are the same size, and I actually might end up needing to make the set in 4×6 size (they all included inscriptions, which I intend to keep intact), but the basic elements are in place.  If you have any tips to offer, or suggestions, please feel free to comment or shoot me an email.


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