History Cards: Band of Brothers, D-Day….

In keeping with the trend I just recently started with my American Heritage box break that I recently posted, we are staying in the past.  Trader’s Crack alerted me to an awesome product – put out by icardz, a Canadian company based in PEI.

Their World War 2 Series I cards focusing on D-Day will feature the 101st Airborne in one set, and more general coverage i in the other set.  Each box contains a complete set of both subsets.  You can check out proposed pictures, and sign up for presale information here.

icardz also has a D-Day set focusing on Canada’s contributions (this set is already out) and a Canada at War set scheduled for release this fall.

I am going to be picking up a D-Day set, and also likely a  box of each of the Canada and America at War products.  Its an important chapter of history, and we should not forget.


2 Responses to History Cards: Band of Brothers, D-Day….

  1. packaddict says:

    Looks really well done! I might have to pick up one myself.

  2. George Macdonald says:

    Wow, I think you can count me in for a box as well!

    Apparently there is one band of Brothers autograph per box also!

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