Six in Thirty Challenge: Team Canada Binder

Just when I was running low on ideas, Dinged Corners comes up with something.  Basically, flip through a binder in 30 seconds, and grab 6 cards that make you happy.  I knew just where to go – my Team Canada binder!

These cards aren’t in the order that I pulled them or anything like that.  Basically, they are grouped together so that I can talk about why they make me happy.

Colleen Sostorics O Canada Jersey Card – I played minor hockey with Colleen for two years.  I have had passing interactions with guys who have gone on to play in the NHL, but I was never in a position to pick up cards of someone I knew quite well.  Colleen has two Olympic gold medals to her name, and is currently working towards making Team Canada for the 2010 games.

Luke Schenn O Canada Jersey – Luke Schenn is the main reason most Leafs fans haven’t jumped off a tall building.  That’s a lot of pressure for a 19 year old, but that kind of comes with wearing a Leafs jersey.  Schenn has bore the pressure admirably.

Hayley Wickenheiser Autograph – best women’s hockey player ever.  You know when you play hockey (or any other sport) and everyone wants #16 or 9 or 19?  90 % of girl’s hockey teams in Canada have a #22, and it was hotly contested.

Carey Price Autograph – I know, I am a Leafs fan and Price plays for the Habs.  But – before he played for the Habs, he played for Canada.  And that means he was awesome.  His play has tailed off a little bit,  Incidentally – so has his autograph.  Possibly the two are connected?  Sign your full name, Carey!  This card also has a special place because it was the last card I needed to polish off the set.

Luc Bourdon Autograph and Jersey – These next two cards make me happy/sad.  Luc Bourdon was killed in a motorcycle accident after his rookie season in the NHL.  That’s the sad part.  The (somewhat) happy part is having a reminder of a vibrant young man who had achieved his goals in life.  A cardboard memorial of sorts.  And hopefully a reminder to someone else to drive carefully.  I guess the happiest part might be the guy that doesn’t make the news, because he took a safe driving course and didn’t get hurt.

There you have it, six cards that make me happy (happy/sad).  Much more than just a slab of cardboard in a plastic binder page.


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  1. like I’ve told you before… awesome!

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