2009 Topps American Heritage: The Inserts and Hits

Here’s the ‘goodies’ from my box of American Heritage.  Most of this is available, if you are interested.  I am going to finish off the Medal of Honor set for myself, so if you have those and want to trade shoot me a note.

Chromes /1776 – C3 (John McCain), C16 (Hiram Rhodes Revels), C29 (Mother Jones), C32 (Red Adair), C48 (John Moran), C54 (Navajo Code Talkers), C64 (Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail), C76 (Florence Kelley), C88 (Woodrow Wilson)

Heroes of Spaceflight – HSF-3 (Friendship 7), HSF-17 (Apollo 1), HSF-19 (Apollo 8)

Presidential Medal of Freedom – MOF-4 (Billy Graham), MOF-10 (Duke Ellington), MOF-15 (Jimmy Stewart), MOF-16 (Richard Petty), MOF-20 (Colin Powell), MOF-25 (William Safire)

Medal of Honor – MOH-11 (William McBryar), MOH-15 (William Harvey Carney), MOH-19 (Billy Dixon), MOH-20 (Benjamin Brown), MOH-21 (Isaiah Mays), MOH-28 (Ira Clinton Welborn), MOH-30 (Hiram I Bearss), MOH-31 (Webb Hayes), MOH-32 (George F. Shiels), MOH-36 (Louis Cukela), MOH-39 (Christian Fleetwood), MOH-44 (Bud Day)

A Hero’s Journey (Abraham Lincoln) – 5, 7, 13

Heroes of Sport – 7 (Mantle), 10 (Frank Robinson), 16 (Hornsby), 18 (Wagner), 20 (Walter Johnson), 25 (George Sisler)

Heroes of Sport Gold /199 – 23 (Ty Cobb)

American Heroes Relic – John Flynn

Heroes of Spaceflight Relic – Space Shuttle Endeavour Orbital Payload Bay Liner

This was a very fun product to break.  How cool is it to own a piece of something that has flown in space?!?  I had been thinking of trying to trade this for a WWII relic, but the more I thought about it – the more I realized that I already have half a closet full of WWII relics.  I’m probably not heading to space anytime soon though.




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