2009 Bowman Four Pack Break

I hit up the card shop today, so I have a few things to post.  I broke a box of Topps American Heritage, which was a blast, a couple packs of Philadelphia football, which were decidedly dull and four packs of 2009 Bowman Baseball, which were exactly as I expected.  I’m not doing these by pack, just showing off three notable cards from the break.

Let me know if you are looking for any commons, and I can see if I ended up with any of your guys.  First up, a WBC card of Cuban star Yulieski Gourriel.  If anyone wants this, I’d love to flip it for one of the Canadian cards from this same subset.

Next up is a Gold Parallel of Gift Ngoepe who suited up for South Africa at the World Baseball Classic.  Ngoepe plays in the Pirates organization.  He’s not a world-beating prospect or anything, but if you like reading about baseball, I would suggest you take a few minutes and head over to SI, and read the story about Ngoepe’s journey to the United States and the Pirates organization.  Sounds like a real good kid.

And finally, the ‘hit’ out of the last four packs in the box.  A Blake Tekotte autographed refractor, numbered 435/500.  Not world beating, but for the circumstances, I am pretty happy with it.


One Response to 2009 Bowman Four Pack Break

  1. Tribecards says:

    I’m always up for Indians if ya got ’em! 🙂 I need to check my cards and see if I have any Hamiltons in there!

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