2009 Upper Deck X

Upper Deck X is one of those products I am glad I don’t have to break.  Hamilton had a fairly sizable list of cards, but they were easily obtainable (except for the fact that there were 4 plates for every card on the checklist).  I picked up most of them off eBay, and then Marie over at A Cardboard Problem hooked me up with one of the Exponentials (I think E^4).

I didn’t scan the base card, nor the die cut parallel of the base card, but the Exponential inserts are actually quite sharp, so I’ll show the whole range of them here.  I am assuming they go in numerical order with increasing odds, so that is how I am going to present them here.

The easiest one, and in my opinion the nicest design.  The blue foilboard really pops.  Its a busy design, but every once in a while a busy design is OK.

For whatever reason, UD switched the Exponential 2’s to a horizontal design.  Still a lot of blue, though.  Still a cool looking card.

Exponential 3’s were my least favorite.  So much effort was made blending the other four designs, and then they just cut this version of the card in half.  Blah.

A lot of black on the Exponential 4’s.  Nicer than the 3’s though.

Always nice to cross a set off my checklist (X is my second 2009 set, after SP Legendary Cuts), even though I don’t have any of the plates.  They aren’t a high priority for me anyways.


One Response to 2009 Upper Deck X

  1. Our problem with X is that the backgrounds are so busy. But they always look better in person than in pictures, which is not true of many baseball card designs.

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