2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Hamiltons

I am working through Topps Allen & Ginter right now, both for my sets and my player collections.  My sets got a good start when I broke two boxes of the stuff.  My player collection did not fare nearly so well from those two boxes.

In my first box, I got one lousy Hamilton card.  You would think it would be the base card, but no – I managed to hit the Josh Hamilton Dick Perez sketch card.  All things considered, I was pretty happy about it.  Its a great looking card, and it harkens back to one of the greatest Josh Hamilton moments of the 2008 MLB season – the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium.

In my second box, I doubled my haul of Josh Hamilton cards.  I hit two of them.  Unfortunately – one of them was a double of the aforementioned sketch card.

I considered the math for a little while.  If the math holds, should I not end up with four Josh Hamilton cards out of my next box of Allen & Ginter?  Then I realized – I am not that lucky.  I contented myself with the National Pride insert that came out of the second box, and a sketch card for tradebait and called a halt to the box breaking for the product.

That’s when the completion project turns its focus outwards.  And as it so often does – help came from Marie over at A Cardboard Problem.  She dropped me a note asking if I needed a Hamilton base card (which I didn’t hit in two boxes).  I was pleased.  Later, I made a deal for another copy for my set (I am horribly obsessive – I can’t have one card fill two slots.  If Hamilton has a card in a set I am doing, I need two copies).

Marie also dropped me a note that she had obtained a Hamilton code card at a show.  I wish we had card shows up here during the summer.  Being in a hockey dominated market, shows are pretty much exclusive to the winter months.  I also don’t get any baseball blasters in stores, but let me save that rant for another day.  There are racing blister packs, but no baseball.  Yes, racing.  I love Canada, but baseball cards at Wal-Mart would just make it a little bit better.

The code cards are kind of neat.  I am not much for codes, but I am a geek, so I would have liked a shot at it.  Ultimately, the code was cracked before I had received my first box to break.  I guess it wasn’t quite as hard as the code maker thought.  Oh well, it happens sometimes.

I still need a few more cards out of 2009 Topps A&G, including the box toppers, and all the minis (easy ones and hard ones), but the set is well on its way.


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