2009 UD Piece of History Franchise History Patch

I have a lot of Josh Hamilton cards.  I just checked with my Beckett collections, and the current count is 275 different cards.  Twenty-one memorabilia cards, 17 autographs, and 79 serial numbered cards.  Of that number – not one of them was a patch.

That changed today.  I snagged this beauty off eBay via a best offer.  It came to me from Hong Kong for $27 shipped.  There is a minor ding on the upper left hand corner on the rear, but it doesn’t take away from the eye appeal of the front.  Its a four colour patch, serial numbered /25.  Lots of stitching , as well.  I think it is a pretty good way to break into the patch segment of the Josh Hamilton market.

Updates here have been sporadic for the last little while.  I have been swamped, as I am trying to finish up my PhD (or at least most of it) by Christmas.  I still read all the blogs I used to, comment when I can and post my cards when I have some free time to do some scanning, but grad school has been consuming my life for 6 years, and I would be very, very happy to have it done.

2 Responses to 2009 UD Piece of History Franchise History Patch

  1. yeah, but then you have to get a job… and work even longer hours.

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