CNNSI: The Last Iconic Baseball Card

One of my favorite places to kill time on a slow workday is The Vault at  Basically, free (ad-supported) access to every Sports Illustrated article ever published.  There have been some duds, and there have been a lot of gems.  There is always a way to kill a few idle minutes.

The new issue (I’m not sure if it has even hit newsstands yet, features former football player Marc Buoniconti on the cover.  Its a great story.

The article that caught my eye though was about baseball cards.  Luke Winn takes a tour through Upper Deck’s headquarters, including the Game Used Jersey room.  It features pretty much what you would expect – oodles and oodles of game used memorabilia.  It also offers the somewhat terrifying prospect of Miley Cyrus cards being inserted in future products.  Um….yay?!?  Cargo pants from Farrah Fawcett, a briefcase from Sammy Davis, Jr.    Upper Deck has all this stuff.

The article also delves into the somewhat uncertain future of cards.  They are not anywhere near as possible as they once were.  Twenty years ago, things were good.  Twenty years ago when the last iconic baseball card was issued – Ken Griffey, Junior’s 1989 Upper Deck rookie card.  One of the interesting features is notes about the airbrushing done to make it look like Griffey was in a Mariners cap. 

Basically – read the article.  It talks about the good times in collecting, and some of the bad times as well.  Its worth a readto get perspective from someone who is outside the hobby.  Too much self-examination is never a good thing.


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