Gint-A-Cuffs: Pack Eight

Running Total: 90

288:  Joe Saunders (0)
144:  Joakim Soria (0)
130:  Johnny Damon (-1)
12:  Jermaine Dye (0)
13:  Travis Hafner (0)
330:  Christian Guzman SP (5)

Mini 185:  Dustin Pedroia (3)
NP52:  Daisuke Matsuzaka (0)

Total for this pack: 5 + 3 – 1 = 7
Running Total: 97

Basically one-third done the box now, and on pace for a bit below 300 points.  I am doing these randomly as I pull the packs out of the box again, so I know approximately what is left to come, but I don’t know when.  I think I will break 300, but it might be tight.


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