2009 SP Legendary Cuts Josh Hamilton / Bo Jackson

This card brings me to the halfway point of my 2009 Legendary Cuts Hamilton mini-project.  For some reason, he only had four cards in this set.  He has no fewer than 19 in Topps Allen & Ginter (my box for the Gint-A Cuffs is in transit as we speak), so having only four cards in a set is a rare treat.  Having four cards that were all attainable is almost unheard of.  Well, except for UD First Edition.  I knocked that one out of the ballpark.

Hamilton also has a base card in the set (which I have incoming from Sportlots), and a single jersey which I haven’t gotten around to picking up yet.  Soon.

Bo Jackson is an interesting counterpart to Hamilton on this card.  Where Hamilton’s career got off the rails before it even started, Jackson’s was cut short by injuries.  He was an exciting player in two sports, and has branched off into successful business ventures (really successful, not Lenny Dykstra successful) after his playing career ended.   He was the cover boy for Sports Illustrated’s 2003 Where Are They Now? issue, posing in his chef’s whites.


One Response to 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Josh Hamilton / Bo Jackson

  1. Jeremy says:

    I used to love Bo Jackson when I was a kid. I think all kids that grew up in that era loved Bo.

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