All those nice things I said about Topps’ photography?

I take them back.

Beckett posted some images of 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter today.  Ginter will go live on July 8, 2009.   There is some cool stuff in there – the Michael Phelps base card looks awesome, and while the Invisible Man card is incredibly hokey, it did make me smile.  I don’t know who Higby is, but it looks like he has something to do with yo-yos.

My issue?  The Josh Hamilton box topper.  Specifically, the fact that they are still using shots from the exact same photo shoot, that they used for last year’s A&G.  The set is incredibly airbrushed as it is, couldn’t they have updated the jersey number so that it wasn’t really, really obvious?

Hamilton only wore 52 during 2008 spring training with the Rangers.  In fact, this pose is basically identical to his base card from last year.  I’d say they were just reprinting the card for inclusion on the box topper, but the typography on the bottom has changed.

I’m not going to lie – Ginter will probably be a large part of my 2009 baseball collecting, but I just wish my favourite player’s cards had a little bit more effort put into them.


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