2007 Ultimate Collection: Ultimate Team Materials

After opening my mail, I decided to see how well I could integrate Twitter into my blog posting.  I’m still getting the hang of having these things integrated, but I kind of like the idea of giving a general rundown as a tweet (teehee), and then the scans and breakdown as a full blog post.

As my tweet (teehee) said, my mail today yielded an autograph, a jersey card, and a bunch of OPC (3 Hamiltons from the base set, and their respective black parallels).  The jersey card was the lowest numbered out of the bunch, so I will start with that one.  Hamilton had a ton of cards in 2007, as he was featured in all of the ‘rookie card’ subsets.  Ultimate Collection is always a good looking set, and these Ultimate Team Materials, or Ultimate Numbered are no exception.  The die-cutting is cool, even though Hamilton has shifted down a digit and wears #32 for the Rangers.

This card is 27/33, not the jersey numbered 1/1 or the first off the stamping press 1/1, just a regular card from the middle of the run.  Another low numbered card knocked of the ever-expanding want list.  Unfortunately, it seems to grow much faster than I can pick up cards.


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