Stephen Strasburg Pull

Last weekend, I picked up a box of 2009 Upper Deck Series 2.  If you are looking for anything minor of your player or team, shoot me a message and I can check for you.  I’ll be showing off bits and pieces of the break over the next few days.  I did luck out with my USA Baseball inserts, though.  In the second pack I opened, a Strasburg base card was staring me in the face.  Needless to say, I was psyched.

And of course, my thoughts then turned to whether I could turn it into a nice Hamilton.  There was always the indirect approach of selling the Strasburg on eBay, and then buying a Hamilton with the proceeds, but that adds in an extra step and results in me paying fees to eBay and Paypal.  I posted my break on a few message boards, and got an offer on The Bench, that I couldn’t turn down.  A 2007 Bowman Sterling Hamilton autograph for the Strasburg.  Both sides were happy, and we shipped out in the middle of last week.  I already have one Sterling Hamilton autograph, but its one of my favourite card designs, and I am happy to pick up an extra.

I really like trading like this, as opposed to buying and selling indirectly.  If I ever post anything about a break that interests you, drop me a note.  I am mainly interested in picking up Hamilton cards that I still need, but there are other things I am collecting, and I can always be easily distracted by some shiny things.


4 Responses to Stephen Strasburg Pull

  1. That is a nice pull. And it’s even better that you were able to turn it into a Josh auto.

    I think you made out. I’d rather have the Hamilton.

    • Thanks! The timing helped as well, since I pulled it the first weekend after the draft. It also helps that this is one of his very few affordable cards right now. I was pretty happy to be able to turn it into a Hamilton autograph, though!

  2. yanxchick says:

    that was definitely a good trade. I woulda done it.

  3. gobigpelf34 says:

    Id rather have the hamilton too. I just dont think srasburg is all hes hyped up to be

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