The Carnage That Will Be: 2009 Triple Threads

2009 Topps Triple Threads seems to be making the rounds of the blogosphere this past couple of days.  As a collector of a player who seems as though he will be prominently featured in the set, I’d like to have a bit of a say as well.

My first knowledge of how painful this product was likely to be was when a friend emailed me a checklist and added “Better save your pennies….”.  How true.  The formatting on the checklist was a bit off, so I couldn’t see all the subsets, but this is what I found for Hamilton cards in the set.  Anyone with more knowledge, feel free to fix up any of my screw ups, or enlighten me on what exactly I should expect.  There were 15 different Hamilton cards on the checklist:

  • Base Card (I’m going to be all over this one, just in case its the only one I get)
  • RSARP-2:  Hamilton / Longoria
  • TTARC-12:  Bruce / Hamilton / Pence
  • TTXXIV-5:  Hamilton
  • TTARDC2:  Price / Hochevar / Upton / Young / Gonzalez / Hamilton (First overall picks, I presume)
  • TTARDC3:  Pujols / Wright / Ramirez / Rodriguez / Hamilton / Longoria (No clue)
  • TTAJSP40:  Hamilton (I believe this one was an All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Patch)
  • TTASP40:  Hamilton (Presumably, something different to do with the ASG)
  • TTLM40:  Hamilton (LetterMarks?  I hope not.)
  • TTR46, 47, 48:  Hamilton
  • TTRC11, 12, 13:  Hamilton

So, that was depressing in and of itself.  I still held out a little bit of hope though.  Maybe the cards would be so ugly, that I wouldn’t feel compelled to pick them up.  It has happened in the past.  Sometimes, a design is just so poorly conceived that it saves me hundreds of dollars.  Surely, Topps could come through this time.

No such luck.  There were a bunch of 2009 Topps Triple Threads pictures posted over at Wax Heaven, and one of them was this sweet looking Josh Hamilton relic.  According to the picture, it is numbered /36, so I might have a sniff at this one.  I can dream, right?  Anyone know which checklist item this corresponds to?

So, there is my take on Triple Threads.  A lot of cards.  And they look kind of awesome.  Perhaps I should start buying lottery tickets.


3 Responses to The Carnage That Will Be: 2009 Triple Threads

  1. zach says:

    I wonder how much its gonna cost

  2. zach says:

    when you get the chance check outmy blog at

  3. joba62x says:

    LM is his allstar logo man 1/1. no parrellels.

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