2009 SP Legendary Cuts Dual Jersey (Reggie Jackson / Josh Hamilton)

One of the pitfalls of player collecting is the multi-player card.  Its all well and good if you happen to like the other player on the card, but sometimes it gets really, really depressing.  I had some player collections where this wasn’t an issue – my guys were lucky to get one card of their own, let alone being featured with anyone else on cardboard.  Heck, sometimes the highlight of a set was seeing them in the background of another player’s action shot.

Josh Hamilton has presented an interesting challenge with regards to multi-player cards.  The challenge being – he is more popular than anyone else I have collected in the past.  That means he gets a lot of cards, and he gets to share those cards with some of the biggest names in the game.

Upper Deck’s Legendary Cuts set this year put a bit of a twist on the multi-player card.  Hamilton wasn’t featured with Morneau, Pujols or Jeter.   Some might even argue that Hamilton hasn’t achieved ‘Legendary’ status on his own yet.  UD’s Generations Memorabilia subset pairs stars from different decades on cardboard.  Hamilton got a great draw with these cards.  He shares a 1970s / 2000s card with Yankees slugger Reggie Jackson, and a 1980s / 2000s card with multi-sport star Bo Jackson.  For whatever reason, there was no card for the 1990s.  Possibly because there wasn’t an outfield slugger with a presidential last name.

Legendary Cuts will be an interesting set for Hamilton.  If I pay attention, there should be no reason why I can’t finish off my Hamilton mini-set quickly and easily.  He only has four cards (a base card, two dual jerseys, and a single jersey).  And as a bonus – these cards actually have a pretty slick design.  If you had said the theme for the set would be ‘postage’, I probably would have smiled and nodded.  For whatever reason, it really works.  Stay tuned, and hopefully I can knock this set off quickly in the next few days.

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