Bobble Josh Makes His Way Home

And by home, I mean my place.  Not some mythical land where bobble heads can walk around among their own kind, without feeling shame at their giant, always moving heads.  There are a few different Josh Hamilton bobble head dolls available.  I am mainly interested in the ones that have been given away by one of his ball teams at the stadium.  Hamilton was the subject of a bobble head giveaway for the Durham Bulls, when he was in the Devil Rays organization, and also had a Rangers figure issued earlier this season.

I had made a post where I was lamenting the high shipping costs of eBay sellers for these bobblehead dolls to Canada, when Patricia (its a great name, eh?) of Dinged Corners left a comment, and an international bobblescheme was hatched.  I pointed out an eBay auction I was interested in, she purchased it, received it, checked out the packaging and then sent it across the border to Canada.  Earlier this week, it arrived.

It came in a very cool looking box, with Hamilton pictures all over.  I decided I should hurry up and get this posted, as bobbleheads seem to be a popular theme in the blogging world this weekend.  And best of all – they seem to have done a remarkable job with both his tattoos and equipment.

Thank you so much to Dinged Corners for helping me pick up this piece for my Josh Hamilton collection.  As I type this, he is happily bobbling away on my bookshelf.



4 Responses to Bobble Josh Makes His Way Home

  1. Wow, he looks very, very handsome. Lots of excellent detail, and vivid colors. We’re glad he’s home.

  2. gobigpelf34 says:

    Wow! Nice! Did it come with the batting glove?

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