2009 Upper Deck Baseball Buybacks

I’m not talking about the box toppers that are a bit of a bonus.  I’m talking about the base cards that are inserted into the packs.  Its a nice idea, but I think it was strangely done.  This is the  buyback base card I pulled out of my recent box break of 2009 Upper Deck Baseball Series 2.

I have no idea what the going rate is for a 1989 Rick Mahler Upper Deck base card, but I am pretty sure it cost Upper Deck more to apply the fancy little holofoil in the bottom left hand corner, than it did for them to obtain the card.  I realize that it takes the place of a regular base card, but it is just so anti-climatic to see something that looks a little special sliding out of the stack, only to find…..Rick Mahler.


3 Responses to 2009 Upper Deck Baseball Buybacks

  1. It’s almost as if UD has someone in their employ whose sole responsibility is to come up with ways to aggravate collectors.

    • I kind of agree. Its not like its a big deal, as it is just kind of a tribute to their product (and 1989 UD is a nice looking set), its just that pulling a stamped Rick Mahler base card prompted a reaction of “Why?”

  2. I doubt the idea that UD actually “bought back” any of these 1989 cards they’re using as inserts. I think it’s much more likely they had stacks of them on hand, stuck a foil stamp on them, and called it a day — thus pretty much defeating the idea of a “buyback.”

    I mean really, 1989 maybe UD’s “rookie” set, but it’s not like anyone is in a big rush to “buyback” any card from this era!

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