I’ll Stick to Little Pieces, I Guess…

An interesting item surfaced on eBay a little while ago.  A Josh Hamilton game used jersey, from his 2007 rookie season with the Reds.  This one has all the earmarks of being the real deal, including all the appropriate tags and MLB numbering.  The jersey was signed by Hamilton on the back number ‘Josh Hamilton G.U. 2007’.  Definitely one of the cooler pieces I have come across in my near relentless Hamilton searches.

The jersey was listed at a BIN of $1600, with a Best Offer feature.  The winning offer was $1000.  I think that’s a more than fair price for a rookie gamer of Hamilton, it just happens to be quite a ways out of my price range.  I’ll have to stick with my batting gloves.

The auction listing says the jersey has been absolutely hammered, and it certainly looks like this jersey stayed well clear of the laundry room, with a lot of dirt marks, and something that looks suspiciously like tobacco stains.  Yuck.  Not that I would have turned down this jersey if it were in my price range.

A game used jersey is a cool piece of memorabilia, but not worth breaking the bank for.  Hamilton will wear a ton of jerseys throughout his career, and who knows what might pop up in the next few years.  Until then, I will stick to picking up little pieces of his jerseys stuck to cardboard.

One Response to I’ll Stick to Little Pieces, I Guess…

  1. Marie says:

    that is alot of dough but a really cool collectible. I wish I had that kind of money to throw around on cool Pujols stuff.

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