2009 Upper Deck OPC Preview

As a Canadian, O-Pee-Chee will always have a special place in my heart.  Upper Deck has been producing O-Pee-Chee sets in hockey for the past few years, and they have managed to stay pretty true to the tradition of the set.  Large base sets, which features a lot of players who don’t normally get cards, and not much else.  Its more about set building, than about the hits.  Traditional OPC sets didn’t have the short prints, but the sometimes horrendous collation of these sets makes the challenge about the same as in the old days.

Upper Deck’s 2009 Series Two Baseball contained preview cards for 2009 OPC Baseball.  It flashes back to some of the traditional designs of OPC sets of the past.  This isn’t without controversy, as Topps and OPC used to share designs – with OPC being distributed in Canada, and Topps in the US.  About three years ago, UD finalized a deal for the OPC name, and presumably their designs.  Naturally, Topps isn’t too thrilled about this.

Josh Hamilton was one of the players to make the cut as a ‘Preview’.  I am not sure exactly how big this set is, but his card is # OPC-21, so it isn’t too small.  In a little bit of a nice homage to ‘Preview’ and ‘Promo’ cards of the past, these cards are prominently labeled as such on the back.   Unfortunately, UD strayed from the true monochromatic printing on the back, as the copyright text is in black, as is the Rangers logo.


One Response to 2009 Upper Deck OPC Preview

  1. gobigpelf34 says:

    Cool! I hope Pelfrey is in this set!

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