I’m a sheep

June 28, 2009

I’m on twitter.  Yeah, I don’t really know how it works or anything like that, but I am there.  Same username:  thehamiltonian, and you can view my awesomely random tweets in the sidebar of this blog.

1999 Topps Traded Autograph

June 27, 2009

Simple put, this is a card I had put off acquiring for far too long.  When I started collecting Hamilton seriously, it was selling in the $15-30 range.  Looking back, I wish I had bought 20 copies.  It isn’t rare, but it is a true RC autograph, and that is huge.  I picked this copy up on eBay for $101 shipped.  It looks great in hand, with sharp corners and edges, as well as solid centering.  There is a slight smudge on the autograph, but I must admit, I didn’t notice it until I was looking at the enlarged version of the scan.

Hamilton seems to be making good progress on the injury front, and he is still in the running to be selected as a starter for the All-Star Game.  I don’t necessarily think that’s really legit, since most of it is carryover from last season’s HR Derby performance, but fan voting is never that reliable.  I think he would likely bow out of the HR Derby anyways, just to avoid aggravating his abdominal injury any further.

UD 20th Anniversary Set?!

June 24, 2009

Is anyone doing this set?  I have a small stack of them that I wouldn’t mind getting off my desk for something more productive, or just to clear the space.  Post a comment, or hit me up at the Contact link.

Stephen Strasburg Pull

June 21, 2009

Last weekend, I picked up a box of 2009 Upper Deck Series 2.  If you are looking for anything minor of your player or team, shoot me a message and I can check for you.  I’ll be showing off bits and pieces of the break over the next few days.  I did luck out with my USA Baseball inserts, though.  In the second pack I opened, a Strasburg base card was staring me in the face.  Needless to say, I was psyched.

And of course, my thoughts then turned to whether I could turn it into a nice Hamilton.  There was always the indirect approach of selling the Strasburg on eBay, and then buying a Hamilton with the proceeds, but that adds in an extra step and results in me paying fees to eBay and Paypal.  I posted my break on a few message boards, and got an offer on The Bench, that I couldn’t turn down.  A 2007 Bowman Sterling Hamilton autograph for the Strasburg.  Both sides were happy, and we shipped out in the middle of last week.  I already have one Sterling Hamilton autograph, but its one of my favourite card designs, and I am happy to pick up an extra.

I really like trading like this, as opposed to buying and selling indirectly.  If I ever post anything about a break that interests you, drop me a note.  I am mainly interested in picking up Hamilton cards that I still need, but there are other things I am collecting, and I can always be easily distracted by some shiny things.

The Carnage That Will Be: 2009 Triple Threads

June 19, 2009

2009 Topps Triple Threads seems to be making the rounds of the blogosphere this past couple of days.  As a collector of a player who seems as though he will be prominently featured in the set, I’d like to have a bit of a say as well.

My first knowledge of how painful this product was likely to be was when a friend emailed me a checklist and added “Better save your pennies….”.  How true.  The formatting on the checklist was a bit off, so I couldn’t see all the subsets, but this is what I found for Hamilton cards in the set.  Anyone with more knowledge, feel free to fix up any of my screw ups, or enlighten me on what exactly I should expect.  There were 15 different Hamilton cards on the checklist:

  • Base Card (I’m going to be all over this one, just in case its the only one I get)
  • RSARP-2:  Hamilton / Longoria
  • TTARC-12:  Bruce / Hamilton / Pence
  • TTXXIV-5:  Hamilton
  • TTARDC2:  Price / Hochevar / Upton / Young / Gonzalez / Hamilton (First overall picks, I presume)
  • TTARDC3:  Pujols / Wright / Ramirez / Rodriguez / Hamilton / Longoria (No clue)
  • TTAJSP40:  Hamilton (I believe this one was an All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Patch)
  • TTASP40:  Hamilton (Presumably, something different to do with the ASG)
  • TTLM40:  Hamilton (LetterMarks?  I hope not.)
  • TTR46, 47, 48:  Hamilton
  • TTRC11, 12, 13:  Hamilton

So, that was depressing in and of itself.  I still held out a little bit of hope though.  Maybe the cards would be so ugly, that I wouldn’t feel compelled to pick them up.  It has happened in the past.  Sometimes, a design is just so poorly conceived that it saves me hundreds of dollars.  Surely, Topps could come through this time.

No such luck.  There were a bunch of 2009 Topps Triple Threads pictures posted over at Wax Heaven, and one of them was this sweet looking Josh Hamilton relic.  According to the picture, it is numbered /36, so I might have a sniff at this one.  I can dream, right?  Anyone know which checklist item this corresponds to?

So, there is my take on Triple Threads.  A lot of cards.  And they look kind of awesome.  Perhaps I should start buying lottery tickets.

2009 Topps Series Two Career Best Autograph

June 19, 2009

Topps Series Two usually generates some confusion, as they repeat a lot of the same subsets, seemingly without caring that they made the same cards once already.  Case in point, this Josh Hamilton autograph.  Yes, it does say ‘Series 2’ on the back, but having two Series of something generally means that they could be combined.  And if I were going to combine something, I wouldn’t give both cards the same number.  This particular Josh Hamilton Topps Career Best Autograph is numbered CBA-JH.  Unfortunately, so was the Topps Career Best Autograph from Series 1.   Its not like they double up on base set numbers…..

Beckett has labeled these cards with an A1 and A2 suffix.  I assume that the numbers correspond to the series.  At least, that is how my checklist is being compiled.  Just one of those frustrating little things.  Aside from the numbering issue, I am quite pleased with this card.  Hamilton’s greys and blues really stand out from the red background.  I picked this up with a BIN, and my total price was $22.00.  Anytime I can get a Hamilton autograph between $15.00 & $25.00, I am happy to oblige.  This is my 15th Hamilton autograph.

2009 SP Legendary Cuts Dual Jersey (Reggie Jackson / Josh Hamilton)

June 18, 2009

One of the pitfalls of player collecting is the multi-player card.  Its all well and good if you happen to like the other player on the card, but sometimes it gets really, really depressing.  I had some player collections where this wasn’t an issue – my guys were lucky to get one card of their own, let alone being featured with anyone else on cardboard.  Heck, sometimes the highlight of a set was seeing them in the background of another player’s action shot.

Josh Hamilton has presented an interesting challenge with regards to multi-player cards.  The challenge being – he is more popular than anyone else I have collected in the past.  That means he gets a lot of cards, and he gets to share those cards with some of the biggest names in the game.

Upper Deck’s Legendary Cuts set this year put a bit of a twist on the multi-player card.  Hamilton wasn’t featured with Morneau, Pujols or Jeter.   Some might even argue that Hamilton hasn’t achieved ‘Legendary’ status on his own yet.  UD’s Generations Memorabilia subset pairs stars from different decades on cardboard.  Hamilton got a great draw with these cards.  He shares a 1970s / 2000s card with Yankees slugger Reggie Jackson, and a 1980s / 2000s card with multi-sport star Bo Jackson.  For whatever reason, there was no card for the 1990s.  Possibly because there wasn’t an outfield slugger with a presidential last name.

Legendary Cuts will be an interesting set for Hamilton.  If I pay attention, there should be no reason why I can’t finish off my Hamilton mini-set quickly and easily.  He only has four cards (a base card, two dual jerseys, and a single jersey).  And as a bonus – these cards actually have a pretty slick design.  If you had said the theme for the set would be ‘postage’, I probably would have smiled and nodded.  For whatever reason, it really works.  Stay tuned, and hopefully I can knock this set off quickly in the next few days.

Bobble Josh Makes His Way Home

June 15, 2009

And by home, I mean my place.  Not some mythical land where bobble heads can walk around among their own kind, without feeling shame at their giant, always moving heads.  There are a few different Josh Hamilton bobble head dolls available.  I am mainly interested in the ones that have been given away by one of his ball teams at the stadium.  Hamilton was the subject of a bobble head giveaway for the Durham Bulls, when he was in the Devil Rays organization, and also had a Rangers figure issued earlier this season.

I had made a post where I was lamenting the high shipping costs of eBay sellers for these bobblehead dolls to Canada, when Patricia (its a great name, eh?) of Dinged Corners left a comment, and an international bobblescheme was hatched.  I pointed out an eBay auction I was interested in, she purchased it, received it, checked out the packaging and then sent it across the border to Canada.  Earlier this week, it arrived.

It came in a very cool looking box, with Hamilton pictures all over.  I decided I should hurry up and get this posted, as bobbleheads seem to be a popular theme in the blogging world this weekend.  And best of all – they seem to have done a remarkable job with both his tattoos and equipment.

Thank you so much to Dinged Corners for helping me pick up this piece for my Josh Hamilton collection.  As I type this, he is happily bobbling away on my bookshelf.


2009 Upper Deck Baseball Buybacks

June 14, 2009

I’m not talking about the box toppers that are a bit of a bonus.  I’m talking about the base cards that are inserted into the packs.  Its a nice idea, but I think it was strangely done.  This is the  buyback base card I pulled out of my recent box break of 2009 Upper Deck Baseball Series 2.

I have no idea what the going rate is for a 1989 Rick Mahler Upper Deck base card, but I am pretty sure it cost Upper Deck more to apply the fancy little holofoil in the bottom left hand corner, than it did for them to obtain the card.  I realize that it takes the place of a regular base card, but it is just so anti-climatic to see something that looks a little special sliding out of the stack, only to find…..Rick Mahler.

2009 Home Run Derby News

June 14, 2009

Even though Hamilton is on the shelf for a little while, he is still making the news in MLB, thanks to the newly enacted fan voting for the Home Run Derby. I don’t think Hamilton will be back in time for the All-Star festivities, but it shows that a lot of fans remember his performance from last year, and would be happy with a repeat.  Albert Pujols is leading the votes for the National League sluggers that fans most want to see in the Derby.

Its been a busy week for me, so I haven’t had time to post as many new additions to the collection as I would like, but I have some great things to show you all in the next little while.