2000 SP Top Prospects Chirography

For some reason, I have always been intrigued by the term ‘Chirography’ as it relates to Upper Deck’s  line of products.  I’ve never owned a Chirography autograph until this card, but they have always been beautifully designed and place almost all of the emphasis on the signature.  2000 SP Top Prospects  Baseball was no exception.  A jarringly small photograph of the featured player, contrasted with a huge area for the player to sign over a ghosted team logo.  The team logo is in black and white, so the only colour on the front of the card is the player’s photo and the blue ink used for the autograph.

This single has been on my wantlist for a while.  I thought I had a deal worked out for one early last season, but a week or so after I sent payment, my money was refunded without comment from the seller.  You win some, and you lose some.  I’m glad I have it now.


One Response to 2000 SP Top Prospects Chirography

  1. Nice. An autograph card mostly about the autograph…what a concept.

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