Co-Signers Autograph: Hamilton / Garbe

At one point, these 2000 Topps Stadium Club Co Signers cards must have seemed like harbingers of doom for the prospects that appeared on them.  Josh Hamilton had two cards in this set, one pairing him with Corey Myers, and one with BJ Garbe.  If only I had thought to be picking these cards up when they were probably clogging up everyone’s dollar boxes.  Of the three, Hamilton is the only one to make an impact in the majors, and everyone knows that wasn’t an easy path by any means.  There is also a dual autograph of Myers and Garbe, which was probably a hot card at the time, but would certainly be a depressing pull these days.

This finishes off the mini set of 2000 Stadium Club Co Signers cards for me.  I received the Hamilton / Myers dual autograph as a Christmas present from a friend last year, and have had my eye out for the Garbe since then.  I finally tracked one down while I had the Paypal to pay for it, and pulled the trigger.  With all of the cards Hamilton has available, I find the need to set mini goals for myself, and find it very satisfying to complete them.  It doesn’t hurt that dual, hard signed autographs are increasingly hard to come by these days.


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