Skectch Card Gallery featuring Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton

Originally uploaded by jpangan3

You can find baseball cards in the strangest places. While searching Flickr, I found this Josh Hamilton sketch card. I think this is posted by the artist, but I am not sure. Possibly, this is a 2009 Topps Series 2 sketch card, or maybe it is one of the ones that the artist kept for himself.

Regardless – it is a beautiful sketch. Probably my favourite Hamilton sketch card (and there have been a lot). The Home Run Derby is obviously one of the most memorable events in Hamilton’s career, and this drawing of him watching one of his many, many blasts that night is an amazing rendition.

Check out the guy’s photostream, as he has a bunch of other sketch cards, some of which will probably catch the eye of some bloggers out there:  I saw a Kevin Kouzmanoff, some Jeters, some Lincecums, among many others


4 Responses to Skectch Card Gallery featuring Josh Hamilton

  1. Dave says:

    Yeah, that is a great looking sketch of Hamilton. Big day for him too! He’s really getting back on track.

  2. gobigpelf34 says:

    Thats an amazing card. The Mike Pelfrey sketches are ugly face shots.

  3. jpangan3 says:

    Hi! it’s going to be in 2009 series 1 redemption i think. thanks for your comment. I really like your blogs… as well as the kittens in your flickr account.! keep it up, i’ll be following your blogs from now on as well.

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