Sunday Ramblings

Just a few quick thoughts for a Sunday.  I am writing a paper for work, so my thoughts are being otherwise occupied a lot of the time.

  • Adam Lind is on fire.  The Toronto Blue Jays as a whole are on fire.  Good defense, good pitching, and good hitting.  Its cool to turn on a Jays game, and see a big crowd in the house.
  • It was Josh Hamilton bobblehead day yesterday, and there are already a number of them on eBay.  I haven’t picked one up yet, as I am not too sure how well it will survive the trip to Canada, and a lot of the sellers aren’t shipping to Canada.
  • I bit the bullet and picked up two slots for the baseball segment of I Am Joe Collector’s Sweet Spot break.  I am hoping to end up with the Reds, either in the draw, or via trade.   Ultimately, though – I just hope to get some cool cards out of the break.
  • Word Press has been acting really flaky for me lately.  I am not sure if the problem is on my end or their end.  Any delays or comments you might have been anticipating for me could possibly be chalked up to that.

One Response to Sunday Ramblings

  1. Would it help if we had the bobblehead shipped to us, then we superduper repack it for a trip to Canada?

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