Stepping into the deep end!

In my poorly constructed swimming analogy, the ‘deep end’ refers to the higher end segment of the hobby.  Those shiny cards that I covet so frequently.  I have a few such pieces in my collection, the highlight is still my Ripken / Hamilton dual autograph 1/1.

Recently, I snagged a new addition to the deep end of my collection.  Its a triple jersey card from 2008 Upper Deck Premier.  Of course, this card features the object of my affection – Josh Hamilton.  It also portrays one of the all-time great players in modern baseball – Ken Griffey, Jr.  Just as I didn’t see myself ever owning a Cal Ripken Jr autograph, Griffey Jr wasn’t on my list of targets either.  Its funny how the baseball card universe works out sometimes.  Oh, the card also shows Adam Dunn.  Nothing against Dunn – he’s just the odd man out in my evaluation of this card.  This card is gold version /33.  For whatever reason, the silver version is rarer, and only numbered /3.  I don’t have that one yet.


3 Responses to Stepping into the deep end!

  1. gobigpelf34 says:

    Thats an awesome card!

  2. Sooz says:

    This is a very cool card. I like it a lot.

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