A slight departure from the norm….

Today’s post consists of a few pickups from the blog world that are a step outside the norm for me.  My ‘norm’ of course is Josh Hamilton, Josh Hamilton, and a little Josh Hamilton.  With his successful return from the DL, his cards will no doubt perk up a little bit more, again.  Good for sellers, bad for buyers like me.  I made a few nice pickups during the lull, and hopefully I will show those off soon.

A little while ago, Dan from Grand Cards made a post offering up free singles from the World Baseball Classic boxed set that he received from Topps.  I requested Canadian pitcher Phillippe Aumont, and Dan obliged.  It arrived in my mailbox today.  Very cool looking cards – I always love seeing players in Team Canada uniforms (from any sport), and Aumont has been a favorite of mine since he responded to an early TTM request I sent shortly after he was drafted by the Mariners.

I haven’t been following his career really closely, and he only pitched one inning for Canada in the WBC, but he looked good.  He got himself into a bit of touble, and then he got himself out of it as well.  He’s a big kid, and a power pitcher.

Also, in the blogging world, Paul over at Wrigley Wax had a post about his son breaking his arm right near the start of ball season.  That sucks.  I had a Carlos Zambrano GU Jersey card from Allen & Ginter that was just sitting on my desk, so I sent it Sean’s way. I figured he would appreciate a Cubs card more than me, and it sucks to be on the sidelines when you really want to be playing.

Sean’s dad, Paul did a great job on these cards – right down to the little cartoon on the back of the cards.  A little man with his arm in a sling and the caption “Ouch!  Sean broke his arm in a trampoline accident.”

In return, I got an autographed card of Sean to add to my collection, and a note from the young man.  Great to see the art of thank you notes isn’t completely dead (I sound like my Grandma), and its good to hear that Sean is on the mend, and might get some ball in this season yet.

I should be back with some Hamilton cards in the next few days.  I’ve got some beauties to share with you.


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