2009 Upper Deck Piece of History

Eventually, I will get around to posting the details of the box of 2009 Piece of History I broke this weekend.  If you are in need of anything minor of your players from that set, drop me a note and I will dig through the stacks for you.  Until I get that all posted, everyone can check out some of the Hamiltons I have picked up from the set.

First up, is the base card.  With my typical luck – I didn’t even pull one from my box.  Sigh.  Kind of a cool design, and I really like the photo they used for Hamilton.  Very typical.  Solid.  Like the faux granite they used for the borders.

Piece of History also has a ton of parallels.  That can be good or bad.  Once I have all the parallels – I love them.  As I am seeking them out – I despise them.  In addition to the base card, Hamilton also has cards in several of the subsets.  He has a Stadium Scenes card, and also shares a Franchise Members card with Ian Kinsler and Michael Young.

I don’t have the base version of that card yet, but I snagged the red parallel off eBay for a very reasonable total price.  The red version is /99, and adding a low numbered parallel to the collection for less than $5 is always a good thing.  Just so this post isn’t all glowing praise – I wish they had tried to match up Michael Young’s photo better.  Both Hamilton and Kinsler have up close torso shots, and then Young gets a fielding action shot.  Just a little thing.  I actually like the red border – the parallels in Piece of History are very, very vibrant colours.  There are purples and blues out there as well that look surprisingly good.


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