2009 Topps Attax

When you collect a star player, there are certain difficulties involved.  Especially when they start getting included in base set after baset set.  The chances of getting the base card you are looking for by busting packs are only slightly better than winning the lottery.  Buying the card is also problematic.  Sure, $0.75 is a great price for the card, but once you add $3.00 for shipping, its not nearly as great a deal.

Trading solves a lot of these problems.  I am always more than happy to trade for Josh Hamilton base cards.  Even a single base card.  If you happen to have more stuff I need – sweet.  If not – let’s work out something small.  This card came in one of those mid-sized deals.  I needed a 2009 Topps Attax base card of Josh Hamilton.  I found a trader on Beckett who had one.  Turns out, he also had the Evan Longoria mini RC I need for my 2008 Allen & Ginter mini set.  Sweet!  The more avenues you open up to obtain cards, the better your collection gets.

I blocked out the code on this card.  I have no idea what Topps Attax is or does, but it doesn’t seem fair that one person gets the code for free and no one else does.


One Response to 2009 Topps Attax

  1. HI says:

    Attacx is a card game, like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering.

    Still, cool card!

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