More Rangers Goose Joaks – the All Vertical Edition

You know the routine.  More Goose Joaks.  I love these little guys.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t find many good action shots, so today’s installment is mostly portrait style cards.

Former Brave and former Dodger, Andruw Jones is getting some playing time with everyone’s favorite outfielder, Josh Hamilton on the disabled list.  This shot is from earlier in the season, when he was mainly spending time on the bench, and it was considerably colder.

Rangers closer Frank Francisco has 9 saves on the season, to go along with his ERA of 0.00 and a single win.  He is locking down for the Rangers in the later innings of a game, which has helped shorten the game for their other pitchers.

On the lighter side, I believe Eddie Guardado was ejected right before this photo was snapped.  Guardado is one of those guys who just keep hanging around.

Pitcher CJ Wilson looks like he is also out of the game (that seems to be a common theme today) but maybe not of his own volition.  This shot has a bit of a teen idol feel to it.  I think its the rumpled hair.

And, finally a bit of a more traditional baseball card shot – Jarrod Saltalamacchia heads back to the dugout.  I had to adjust the tracking on the font here, because otherwise, Salty was two or three letters into the stars.  Also, on a sad note – I dropped Salty from my fantasy team.  Right after he hit a grand slam.  I picked up Rod Barajas, which might be a terrible move.  Regardless, my team name has switched from ‘Salty Ham’ to ‘Ham Rod’.  I think that’s an upgrade.  Let’s face it – with Longoria being scorching hot, production from behind the plate isn’t a huge concern for now.





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