Four Pack Break of 2009 Topps Heritage

I hit up the card shop today, and snagged four packs of 2009 Topps Heritage Baseball.  This product is pretty much what you expect year after year.  I didn’t hit anything huge, but I did OK.  The cards look nice, and there is also some really funky gum in each pack.

Even though the gum is sealed in plastic, I find the cards still carry a very distinct gum odour.  I have a mini stack of base, so if you are looking for someone specific, drop me a note.  I only hit one SP, which was one of those cool floating head cards featuring the Detroit Tigers coaches (461).  If anyone needs it, and has a Hamilton SP to spare, I know someone who would be very interested in it.  Cough…me….cough.  I also hit a Stephen Drew New Age Performers insert.

Of course, I didn’t bother scanning either one of those cards.  I’m sure most of you know what they look like by now.  My ‘hits’ out of the four packs were a Chrome (Chipper Jones) and a Chrome Refractor (Johan Santana).   I can’t complain about that.   Well, OK – minor quibble.  Last year, I bought about the same number of loose Heritage packs, and I hit a Josh Hamilton Chrome.  That was pretty awesome.  But Chipper and Johan are cool, too.  They are also both available, if need be.


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