Jays Joaks

Living in Canada, they jays have always been my favorite ball team.  I follow the Rangers because of Hamilton, but I can watch pretty much every Jays game on TV, and I still remember Joe Carter hitting a walk off home run to win the World Series, so I am a big Jays fan as well.

With that in mind, I asked Dave over at Goose Joak to hook me up with the templates for the Jays cards from his massive Goose Joak Originals set.  Here’s the first few of my 2009 Toronto Blue Jays Goose Joak cards.

Roy Halladay has been the Jays stud pitcher for a long time.  The guy’s a horse.  He has missed time with injuries, but not usually ‘wear and tear’ injuries.  He was out for a time after being hit with a baseball in the shin, but he has so far avoided the nagging shoulder or elbow injuries that sometimes plague power pitchers.  I chose a non-traditional pitcher’s pose for this one – Halladay is churning over to cover first base.

From the current stud of the staff to a potential future stud – Brett Cecil recently made his Blue Jays debut.  He looks to be a good one as well.

These next two cards have some of the coolest pictures I have found in my searches.  The first one – of Jays second baseman Aaron Hill is just one of those batting poses that really work on a card.  Hill is getting full extension on his swing, and it fills up the entire frame.

Jays rookie outfielder Travis Snider has cooled off a little bit after a hot start, but he is still one of the brightest stars in the Jays lineup.  He still has some growing to do, especially on the field, but in the hopes of encouraging him – I chose a great fielding action shot.


2 Responses to Jays Joaks

  1. Dave says:

    That’s awesome. Maybe someday the Jays will be lucky enough to snag Hamilton.

    Thanks for the great cards, the photography is top notch.

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