The Bobbleheads are coming….

OK, so only one bobblehead is actually coming.  As I wrote in a previous post, the Texas Rangers are giving away Josh Hamilton bobblehead dolls prior to their game on May 16, 2009.  A few presales have popped up on eBay, and it appears they have kept his tattoos intact, although the pictures accompanying the auctions are admittedly quite tiny.

I’m always hesitant about presales, so I will be waiting until the game is in the books to hopefully pick up my bobblehead doll.  I am also hoping it can make the trip to Canada unscathed by the postal services.

Doing a search for Josh Hamilton Bobblehead brings up a number of results, but I think I am going to limit myself to his stadium giveaway versions.  I’m not into the bobblehead market enough to know anything about all the various other versions that are on eBay.  Of course, I still haven’t bit the bullet and bought a Hamilton durham Bulls SGA bobblehead, but the time will certainly come.


2 Responses to The Bobbleheads are coming….

  1. That is one handsome bobblehead. A collecting category I’m terrified to get started with. I can see it now, Lucy’s room full of bobbleheads. Must….resist…..temptation……

    But Joshbobble looks good!

  2. Big Dawg says:

    Wish I could go to the game but I am at the Fire Station that day…enjoyed reading your blog, I am a big Josh fan (working on a few sketch cards of Josh) and even bigger Ranger fan. Keep up the good work.

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