Rumours and Speculation

Internet message boards live off rumours.  Its like a virtual office water cooler.  Being a bit of a gossip junkie (I don’t care about what Britney Spears does, but at the same time – I feel compelled to find out), I am all for this.  What can I say?  Sometimes, knowing is better than caring.

Today, the good folks over at FreedomCardboard are buzzing about the MLBPA, and exclusive contracts. Not necessarily the exclusive contracts that first pop to mind.  The first thing I think of is that MLB is going to the single license model that the NHL/NHLPA pioneered with Upper Deck, and that Panini scored with the NBA this year.  That’s not the case, though.

There’s a lot of speculation, and complaining for the first few posts (it IS a message board), but then the meat of the post comes up:  “Players will not be allowed to sign exclusive contracts with specific companies, therefore allowing all companies access to all players under the protection of MLBP (major and minor league players).

Therefore not allowing companies like Razor come in and “block” established companies with a license.”

Courtesy of 200lbhockeyplayer (great name, eh?).

You can read several pages of speculation there, or you can stick around for mine.  If this rumour is true (I have no idea how this will shake out), I think it is a sign that baseball is heading towards a single licensee, like the NHL and NBA.  Its kind of interesting, actually.  Make it against the rules for players to be specific to a manufacturer, and then if you choose a single manufacturer (likely with a large payday), you know they will have access to all the players.

Its possible that this might be a way to open up the prospect market that Razor has cornered with exclusive contracts.  I’m not a prospector, so that isn’t really my area of expertise.  The situation with a single licensee I outlined above, is just my speculation based on some rumours I heard.

Isn’t the internet fun?

2 Responses to Rumours and Speculation

  1. Reasonable speculation, though. Hm.

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