New Rangers Goose Joaks!

I have been slacking on my contributions to the amazingly epic Goose Joak set of baseball cards, I must admit.  I had some free time today though, so I whipped up a few new ones.  I have been struggling a little bit with what to do about the Rangers red uniforms.  They really don’t look good with the blue borders, but it looks silly to have two border styles for one team.  So far, I have dealt with this by only using pictures of the Rangers in their blue or white uniforms.  Master of compromise, eh?

You know you are slacking when the creator of a set starts sending you suggestions.  Dave (the original Goose Joaker) shot me an email with this card of Rangers manager Ron Washington.

Now, onto the work I have actually done myself.  Elvis Andrus is one of the Rangers young guns for the season.  He patrols the middle of the infield for the Rangers.

My final addition to the set for today needs a bit more explanation.  When I first saw this picture of Rangers catcher Taylor Teagarden, I thought it was a great action shot – which is what I love to see on cards.  As I tried to shoehorn it into a card, I came to a realization.  What I was going to end up with was a card that prominently featured Teagarden’s bum.  I was OK with this, but I apologize in advance to anyone who doesn’t like bums featured so prominently on a baseball card.  Its hard enough to find good action fielding shots of catchers.

2 Responses to New Rangers Goose Joaks!

  1. gcrl says:

    i like the teadgarden – a nice play at the plate!

  2. Dave says:

    Great use of horizontal frame on the Andrus card. And the Teagarden commentary is funny 🙂

    I like them both!

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