2009 Topps Gold

May 29, 2009

Much has been written about the improved photography that Topps has shown with this year’s base Series 1 and 2 offerings.  It seems as though the graphic designers realized that they could crop photos to focus on the players, rather than on the outfield grass.  I’m in favour of this policy change, it makes base Topps a pretty interesting pack to bust.

Hamilton’s base card in this set is no exception.  Its an awesome fielding shot.  It focuses completely on the player in question, and it is a bit of a non-traditional pose for the card as well.  This is the gold parallel /2009, I picked it up out of a seller’s eBay store when I was purchasing a small stack of other Hamiltons.


Question about 2009 Topps Target Retros

May 28, 2009

Are the Target Retro variations substantially more difficult to track down than the Wal-Mart black versions?  Or were these blasters  just not broken as heavily because they hit the shelves later?  I’ve been having a hard time tracking down all three Target variations that Hamilton had in Series 1, but had relatively little trouble finding the Wal-Mart blacks.

Is this just a perception thing for me, or are any other player / team collectors having a tough time with the Target variations?

2000 SP Top Prospects Chirography

May 28, 2009

For some reason, I have always been intrigued by the term ‘Chirography’ as it relates to Upper Deck’s  line of products.  I’ve never owned a Chirography autograph until this card, but they have always been beautifully designed and place almost all of the emphasis on the signature.  2000 SP Top Prospects  Baseball was no exception.  A jarringly small photograph of the featured player, contrasted with a huge area for the player to sign over a ghosted team logo.  The team logo is in black and white, so the only colour on the front of the card is the player’s photo and the blue ink used for the autograph.

This single has been on my wantlist for a while.  I thought I had a deal worked out for one early last season, but a week or so after I sent payment, my money was refunded without comment from the seller.  You win some, and you lose some.  I’m glad I have it now.

Co-Signers Autograph: Hamilton / Garbe

May 27, 2009

At one point, these 2000 Topps Stadium Club Co Signers cards must have seemed like harbingers of doom for the prospects that appeared on them.  Josh Hamilton had two cards in this set, one pairing him with Corey Myers, and one with BJ Garbe.  If only I had thought to be picking these cards up when they were probably clogging up everyone’s dollar boxes.  Of the three, Hamilton is the only one to make an impact in the majors, and everyone knows that wasn’t an easy path by any means.  There is also a dual autograph of Myers and Garbe, which was probably a hot card at the time, but would certainly be a depressing pull these days.

This finishes off the mini set of 2000 Stadium Club Co Signers cards for me.  I received the Hamilton / Myers dual autograph as a Christmas present from a friend last year, and have had my eye out for the Garbe since then.  I finally tracked one down while I had the Paypal to pay for it, and pulled the trigger.  With all of the cards Hamilton has available, I find the need to set mini goals for myself, and find it very satisfying to complete them.  It doesn’t hurt that dual, hard signed autographs are increasingly hard to come by these days.

Skectch Card Gallery featuring Josh Hamilton

May 24, 2009

Josh Hamilton

Originally uploaded by jpangan3

You can find baseball cards in the strangest places. While searching Flickr, I found this Josh Hamilton sketch card. I think this is posted by the artist, but I am not sure. Possibly, this is a 2009 Topps Series 2 sketch card, or maybe it is one of the ones that the artist kept for himself.

Regardless – it is a beautiful sketch. Probably my favourite Hamilton sketch card (and there have been a lot). The Home Run Derby is obviously one of the most memorable events in Hamilton’s career, and this drawing of him watching one of his many, many blasts that night is an amazing rendition.

Check out the guy’s photostream, as he has a bunch of other sketch cards, some of which will probably catch the eye of some bloggers out there:  I saw a Kevin Kouzmanoff, some Jeters, some Lincecums, among many others

A trip to Holland

May 23, 2009

Well, not really.  What we really have in this post is another addition to the Goose Joak set.  Today’s card is Texas Rangers rookie pitcher Derek Holland, taking part in one of my favourite traditions in baseball – making the rookie pitcher wear a silly backpack out to the bullpen with all the necessities in it.  Derek Holland is wearing Disney Princesses in this photo.

2009 Upper Deck First Edition

May 23, 2009

Josh Hamilton is back in the lineup for the Rangers tonight, after a few days off to rest a sore groin he suffered while running into the wall in the process of making a highlight reel catch.  He’s had a bit of a battle with the injury bug so far this season, but hopefully he can shake it off.

Celebrating his return to the lineup, is this 2009 Upper Deck First Edition card.  Nice and simple.  A great picture, and a simple design.  Its just a baseball card.  Its good to be reminded of that every so often.